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Eventually, we are going to adress the body work on the car. While our main focus is showing you how to modify and customize the shape of the car, we first have to take care of these nasty rust spots and other damage areas on the car.

   Here are all the 'problem-spots' on the car:    more pictures >

This is what happens if the door sags and the corner catches

Driver side front fender

Driver side rear quarter panel

Passenger side rear fender

Personal note - brake fluid and paint don't get along

Driver side front fender

Picture of the passenger side

Picture of the driver side

Now the fun part, this is what he have planed for the custom body work:

1) We are going to remove the rear bumper and fabricate a rear roll pan.
2) We are going to possibly use a '67 Camaro rear bumper as a template to create a custom rear bumper on our project Nova.
3) We are going to remove the front bumper and create a custom front vailance.
4) We are going to use a '67 Camaro front bumper as a templpate to create
a smaller, custom bumper.